Best quality Custom Pick and Mix Sweets.
Create A delicious Candy treat just for you or your loved ones. 

We would like to warmly Welcome you to Tiger Sweets. can’t wait to help you find a yummy treat.

Here you can choose from over 60 juicy tasting sweets and candy. Just add all your favourites to your bag and we’ll lovingly fill it just for you and have it on the way as fast as possible.

You should know we only stock things that we feel make the cut. No horrid cheap knock offs. The Cola Bottles are Haribo. The Dolly Mixture is Barratt and The Love hearts are Swizzels.

We ship all our orders out by box. Why? Well mainly to protect the contents, but also and at the same time handily, it allows us to add in some special extras.

What’s in our box: Well, of course you have your custom packed bag of sweet selections, you already know that’s coming when you order. But with us, there’s always a little something extra. And We’re not trying to be mysterious about it but that something extra changes all the time. it just depends on what we have to hand. Always packed with care and a little bit of love.

After all you trusted us to send your pick and mix sweets out and we’re going to do everything we can to make that happen so everyone has a great time.

We all want to have a good time, right? Bag of Pick and mix sweets with arrangement around outside

Have a look around the site and see if you can make up something for yourself or maybe send a sneaky treat to a friend, gosh imagine their faces when this massive pack of sweets arrives.

Remember, we can send your sweets anywhere in the Uk so if you have a gift in mind we can help.