Get some delicious, fresh and mouth watering  pick and mix you can feel so great eating.

Here you can choose from over 60 juicy tasting sweets. Just add all your favourites to your bag and we’ll lovingly fill it just for you and have it on the way as fast as possible.

You should know we only stock things that we feel make the cut. No horrid cheap knock offs. The Cola Bottles are Haribo. The Dolly Mixture is Barratt and The Love hearts are Swizzels.

We ship all our orders out by box. Why? Well mainly to protect the contents, but also and at the same time handily, it allows us to add in some special extras.

What’s in our box: Well, of course you have your custom packed bag of sweet selections, you already know that’s coming when you order. But with us, there’s always a little something extra. And We’re not trying to be mysterious about it but that something extra changes all the time. it just depends on what we have to hand. Always packed with care and a little bit of love.

After all you trusted us to send your pick and mix sweets out and we’re going to do everything we can to make that happen so everyone has a great time.

That’s what it’s all about, right? We aim to give a little WOW, every time.

Have a look around the site and see if you can make up something for yourself or maybe send a sneaky treat to a friend, gosh imagine their faces when this massive pack of sweets arrives.

Unfortunately delivery is expensive so we’ve factored the cost into all our prices. Now you don’t even have to worry about it the price you see is the final price.

If you have any question please feel free to drop us a line on our contact us page, we really do love to hear from people to find out how we can help.

*** Free Sweets Delivery on all orders ***
But We know that what you really want is to be able to choose your own. I sure do. So we came up with our Pick and Mix Your Own (original huh). It’s easy, choose the amount of scoops you want, all the smaller packs are 50g per scoop the 800g packs are 80g and the 1kg packs are 100g per scoop. Choose exactly what you want even if that means 10 scoops of cola bottles if that’s what you want.

You can choose your favourites and shop from over 50 types of sweet. Choose any together and pick your favourites for online ordering and home delivery anywhere in the UK.

When it arrives, try to not get too excited and rip the bag when you open it and see all the gorgeous yumminess inside because you’ll wreck the handy zip closer provided to keep them fresh.

One thing some thoughtful and kind customers love to do is send a Hug gift pack to a friend, any ideas for someone to treat with some sweets? Or why not send a personalised pack of some pick & mix to someone else as a surprise. Or a lockdown treat. Or if you need it to get there fast we can send it out for next day delivery.

We also sat down and had a little think about how you want to choose your pick and mix sweets and sometimes we know you’re a bit meh about it and just want to get a pre-done pack. That’s why we came up with our mixes. TBH we got a bit carried away and so that’s why along with Fizzwizzy (our fizzy one) and Gumboot (our gummi one) or if you pick our Sherlock (our mystery one) (and coming soon Choccynomnom, you know what that’s about, right?).

Corporate Employee Gifts

Some customers order our packs for corporate gifts and employee rewards. These can be customised to your requirements and we can even put a branded note or object within the package. The easiest way to order in bulk is to purchase the quantity you want and pick the selections but put a note in the checkout comments box that you will send address details by email. Or alternatively we can make delivery of your entire order to one address. Since we already send out single packs to individual addresses we can easily accomplish this for you.

The top 10 Pick and Mix Sweets in our shop what’s your favourite?

  1. Rainbow Belts
  2. Mini Raspberry Bottles
  3. Peach Hearts
  4. Gummy Bears
  5. Fried Eggs
  6. Friendship Rings
  7. Cola Bottles
  8. Jelly Snakes
  9. Foam Mushrooms
  10. Fizzy Dummies

They are in no particular order but what’s your favourite pick and mix sweet?:

Which will you choose for your lockdown gift?
Tot them up and get your own massive bag of sweets up to 1kg per pack.

History of sweets

Probably the most famous sweet company today is Haribo, and they produce high quality sweets which is why we include so many of them in our premixed bags. Haribo was started by Hans Rigel in 1920 and all he had was a bag of sugar a copper kettle and a rolling pin, so I reckon he did quite well. You can find Haribo in many sweet shops these days.

Apparently the Yorkshire Haribo factory producing Gummy Bears makes 48,000 tonnes a year.

There have been enough little Gummy Bears produced to go around the world 4 times since they were first introduced in 1960. The mind boggles really.

This idea has been around since the days of Woolworths of course I remember going in to pick and choose my own. Since the shop closed there hasn’t really been a reliable source.

Anyway, back to today.

Here at Tiger Sweets we pride ourselves on our customer service. We have a high turn around all the time. And we can do gift personalised packs bags and jars as well as our 1kg mixes.

All 1kg sweets orders go out for free next day delivery as fast as we can pack them or you can opt for premium next day delivery, remember each is hand packed to order for you. all customer service enquiries are dealt with promptly.

New Carriage Options

Recently, we’ve brought in free delivery on all our packs.

That means you can enjoy choose your own pick and mix packs and have them delivered for 25% less than other brands, but with the same high quality and freshness you have come to expect from us.

We know that delivery is a difficult subject, after all they’re only sweets but courier companies want eye watering fees for delivery, so we try to keep the cost down as much as possible for you.

There are 2 current delivery options.

Free delivery of your 1kg or other packs.

Or you can go on our premium delivery service which lets you jump the packing queue and enjoy next day delivery. (perfect for those really urgent times like forgotten birthdays).
There’s something really fun about able to make your own personal choice of pick and mix, thinking about all the sweet flavours on your tongue, from sour tangy flavours like fizzy cola bottles to more gentle tastes like shrimps what fun! Or choose one of our pre-set packs if you can’t choose for yourself. Our bags are all food grade and heat sealed before dispatch so you can enjoy the freshest sweets possible.

Remember, we can send your sweets anywhere in the Uk so if you have a lockdown gift in mind we can help.