Frequently asked Questions

Q: What will I get in my sweet pack, is it all unknown generic stuff or do you do branded?

A: Where possible we use the best quality branded sweets, Barrats, Haribo, Vidal and Astra Sweets to name a few.

Q: How fresh are the sweets, what sort of best before dates do they have?

A: We put a best before of 6 months from packing date on each pack. Most of our hold stock has over a year BBE date.

Q: Can I change something in a pack?

A: We do have fully personalised packs available like Yourmix and Friendhug where you can select exactly what you want.

Q: I want to order two packs, one for myself and one for a friend can I just do the single checkout?

A: Unfortunately our shopping cart system will not allow for multiple delivery locations at this time.