5 scoop pick n mix Snack Pack 250g


Choose all your own favourites

Scoop 1
The First Scoop is not enough
Scoop 2
The Second only makes you wonder
Scoop 3
The Third will have you on your Knees
Scoop 4
I start Dreaming
Scoop 5
Gwan you know you want to

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Just like when you go to a shop you can now make up your own pick n mix pack.

This is a 250g pack.

Choose what you like for each scoop from the drop-down list and we’ll make up the pack with all your favourites.

Each time you select a sweet a picture will be shown so you can see what you’re getting.

Every scoop is effectively 50g of that sweet.


Note: Unless otherwise stated you should assume this pack contains common allergens including wheat, nuts and dairy.

Ingredients lists available on each individual sweet page.

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Weight.3 kg


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