Every purchase helps us to Rescue a Tiger




We’re rescuing a Tiger and we need your help.

The fact is that Tiger numbers are down 2500% to just 4000 animals across 3 species in the past 100 years.

So this means they’re definitely endangered. In fact they feature prominently on the IUCN Red list of endangered species.

There are lots of reasons for that, but chiefly it’s because of loss of habitat due to farming and human land use.

So, there are Tiger reserves where these beautiful creatures can live safely.

But they need funds to keep the reserves going and ensure the Tigers are well.

So, we can support that work by rescuing one.

Every order we receive will garner a donation to our tiger fund, and when we have enough, we’ll adopt one.

Want to be in on the deal? Just carry on buying our sweets. You can’t get much more yummy feelgood than that.


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