Sour Prank 12 Scoop


Scoop 1
This is the Sting
Scoop 2
The Second only teases more
Scoop 3
The Third will have you wanting more
Scoop 4
What's your 4th choice
Scoop 5
Strawberry Pencil Bites YES!
Scoop 6
Haribo Fizzy Cola Who knew?
Scoop 7
Nearly there!
Scoop 8
Peach Hearts, so juicy
Scoop 9
Juicy cherry lips
Scoop 10
Gorgeous Mini Raspberry Bottles! Now that's what I call self care.
Scoop 11
Squashies are cool
Scoop 12
Different, unusual and very yum


We all enjoy a good prank. And this is what this is, if you do it right.

To be clear, this is the same pack as our Tub Mix for 12 product selections.

BUT, we’ve made the first selection for you of our MEGA SOUR FRUITS. And boy are they sour.

Can you imagine someone chomping away on their tub of lovely sweeties that someone has sent them to suddenly pop one of those tongue burning beasts into their mouths.

I mean, it even says on the label you can lose sense of taste for 20 minutes.

We can even put the name of your victim on the tub label so you don’t get the Tubs mixed up (assuming you get one for yourself to make it seem less sus).

So, who would you prank. It’s up to you.

P.S Each selection is 50g to make a total of 600g. And then we thoroughly mix it all up before it gets put in the tub and sealed.

Note: Unless otherwise stated you should assume this pack contains common allergens including wheat, nuts and dairy.

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