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What was your first impression
Is it too different from the traditional bags.
Does it have enough sweets in to make it good value.
Do you like the design?
Is it easy and convenient.
How did you use it (what were you doing).
Would you recommend the Tubs
What disappointed you about them.
Would you buy them again.

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1 thought on “Tubs Thoughts

  1. Received my first tub of sweets today and I really like it, it’s a good size for sharing. I got 12 scoops and there’s so much variety, great value for money and it encouraged me to try some different sweets. Bought with the intention of taking away on holiday but I couldn’t resist and have been dipping into the tub everytime I walk past. I think next time I buy sweets from tiger it would be the tub I would purchase as its easier to find the sweets you want and I prefer the design to the resealable bag, well done tiger sweets another great addition to your products. I have never been disappointed by this company as I have always received first class service and the extra little sweets or notes with your order show they care about their customers.

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